Møgelvangs Zidane Down Under

The 11-year-old small tour horse Møgelvangs Zidane (Hertug x Manstein) has been sold through Munkedal Horses

Møgelvangs Zidane is known in Denmark on small tour level and has in 2012 participated in the Bundgaard Byg final with his rider and now previous owner Katrine Sandholt Møller.

A couple of months ago she made an agreement with Munkedal Horses about selling Zidane:

”I was happy to send him to Munkedal, since Sanne Henningsen is a very sensitive rider, and I was sure they would ride and treat him well”, Katrine says.

The sale was quickly a reality, and Katrine was grateful, that Klaus Munkedal from the beginning was very realistic both about the price and potential customers for Zidane:

”It has been a very smooth proces thanks to Klaus”, Katrine tells.

It is the first time Munkedal Horses sells a horse to Australia, but Klaus Munkedal is sure, that Zidane will be a worthy ambassador:

”We have sold a very fine horse, and it would be lovely if he could open a new market for us”, says Klaus Munkedal.

Zidane is now leaving Denmark for the journey of his life to Australia, where his new owner awaits him.