Education With Care



Sanne Henningsen and Klaus Munkedal have worked together since 1991. Sanne rides horses in every age and education level. Sanne is especially known for her succes in championships for young horses. She has won the Danish Warmblood Society’s Championship six times, and she has several fine results at the World Championships for Young Horses. Eventhough she manages to bring out the best in the horses from a young age, she always considers the horses health and wellbeing first.

””It is important for me to feel that the horse is with me in the job. Maybe I had planned to do certain exercises that day, but if the horse isn’t up to it, I respect that. I don’t think I’m getting any longer by pushing the horse”.”





Doing a decent job is the brand of Sanne. That means that a lot of the horses educated by Sanne are not only succesfull as novices, but several have become succesfull Grand Prix horses. Throughout time many riders have had the joy of a horse educated by Sanne, and some of them are still top dressage horses with their new riders.



Clearwater is one of many horses made by Sanne. She has trained him from novice till international Grand Prix. Together they have won the Danish Warmblood Society’s Championship, won the national 6-year-old championship, number six at the World Championship for Young Horses, number two at the Danish National Championship and participated at the European Championship. In 2007 Clearwater was sold to the danish rider in Holland, Anne Van Olst. I 2008 he won bronze along with the danish team at the Olympic Games. He also participated in the Olympic games in 2012.





Also Atterupgaards Cassidy has had his fundamental education from Sanne. They won the National Championship for 4-year-old horses in 2007. In 2016 Cassidy won the Danish National Championship and participated in the olympic in Rio in 2016 with his owner Cathrine Dufour.